Friday, February 13, 2009

How can you tell a guy has a big dick?

I have received numerous emails asking "How do you tell if a guy has a big dick?" from both guys and girls. The easiest/most obvious way, is to see it, BUT since none of us live in a perfect world where it is that easy, here are some PERSONAL features I have noticed being in the locker room at school and in the gym.
1.)The attitude- I have noticed there is ALWAYS a particular way a guy with a big dick acts...not a cocky attitude or a "full of themselves" attitude, but more of a neutral attitude. Let me explain. Having a big dick and being noticed for it is great at particular times, but I know for myself (and I've noticed with other well hung guys) that I just want to get undressed, shower, dry off and get my clothes back on at my own pleasure, not feel rushed or feel like taking a long time so that people will notice my well endowed cock. And if you think about it, guys with smaller cocks are always quickly (almost spastic) pulling down their gym shorts and pulling up their jeans like its a race, so that no one will see their cock. The general stereotype of well hung guys are that we walk around with our cocks hanging out in the locker room, when we really don't do that. We walk around the locker room, naked at times, and really don't want everyone to notice our cocks.
2.)The clothes-I personally where loose jeans that don't hang off my ass but just sit normally. The reasoning for this is because if I do where baggy jeans and constantly pull them up, my cock is being "front wedgied", and let me tell you that is NOT comfortable. Guys who wear the tight jeans... I honestly have NO idea how you do it, not matter if your dick is 4 inches...that can not be comfortable.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The everyday of being hung...and yeah, it is different then average Joe!

Living the everyday life and being well endowed has its extreme pros and extreme cons. Lets start with the cons,
1.)Any hung guy knows that the "boxer or brief" question goes far beyond what others may think. Boxes or briefs is like night and day to us. Briefs are good for the time that you are in an important meeting or on a date with the hottest girl and do not want to pop a hard on, because is a hell of a lot harder to hide then what most may think... but at the same time, the pain we are going through is like one of those chubby chicks that tries to fit in the size 1 jeans and you can tell she is EXTREMELY uncomfortable... Boxers allow us freedom, just hanging around the house and so on.
2.)Going for a run while having a huge dick can be compared to a girl with huge tits and not wearing a bra jumping up and can hurt if you do no wear the right kind of underwear.

1.)The nicknames, AT APPROPRIATE TIMES, can be a good pick me up...good confidence booster
2.)The look on a girls face when she is introduced to your third leg
3.)Being at the gym, seeing a black guy walk by and realizing you are in fact bigger then him
4.)Trying to watch a chick deep throat your dick...hey, it can be fucking hilarious!
5.)The simple fact of walking around school, seeing a girl you hooked up with and watching her turn to her friend and gesturing with her hands how big your cock is

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breaking my blogging cherry!

The point to this that guys, who are in the same situation as me, can actually have someone to relate to without being called "cocky" or "full of themselves" or "lying about your size". Also a good way for others to understand that having a big dick is not as easy as it's made out to be. Not to say that I am complaining in any way, shape or form, because having a cock, no matter what size, is pretty awesome. Being 18 years old, just finishing high school and entering University showed a whole new side of life, especially "the big dick life". Playing on sports teams in high school is where i realized that I do in fact have a big dick. Although it was not ever said, in grade 9, I seemed to grow in popularity with the older guys after the first shower in the locker room after a basketball tryout. After I made the team, everything started...from party invites, the nicknames, the first drinks, to the first time a girl ever saw my dick. During that experience with the girl I, for the first time, heard the words "oh my god that's a big dick" So, the big dick life, in a way, officially began. I'm sure a lot of guys out there can relate to similar experiences and hopefully ya'll will like my blogs, if you want to hear more, send a message!

Owner of a Big Dick